Metal bipolar plate
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Metal bipolar plate

■ Use non-precious metal coating to effectively reduce manufacturing costs
■ It has the advantages of low contact resistance and strong corrosion resistance
■ Technical indicators far exceed the level required by DOC
■ The durability of the bipolar plate can reach 10000-15000h
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Hydrogen energy is regarded as the "ultimate clean energy." The development of all-round electrification of automobiles in the future will still be the mainstream. Diversified technical routes will help to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible. At present, the performance of the company's metal bipolar plates can meet the demand for high-power stacking of more than 150kW, and the performance is in a leading position in the market.

1. Current status: Lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries are currently on the market in a large range; because of the cruising range and charging problems, and the subsequent disposal of used batteries, the development of new energy has been plagued;

2. Innovativeness: Hydrogen fuel cells are more promising. Lithium batteries are polluting, while hydrogen fuel cells generate kinetic energy through the combination of hydrogen and oxygen, which is pollution-free; hydrogen fuel cells use hydrogen as a chemical element to manufacture storage Energy battery. It is the direction of follow-up new energy development.

3. Environmental protection: The fuel cell does not pollute the environment. It is through electrochemical reaction, rather than using combustion (gasoline, diesel) or energy storage (battery) method-the most typical traditional backup power solution. Combustion will release pollutants like COx, NOx, SOx gas and dust. As mentioned above, fuel cells only produce water and heat. If hydrogen is produced through renewable energy sources (photovoltaic panels, wind power generation, etc.), the entire cycle is a process that completely does not produce harmful emissions.

4. Practicability: The key core component of hydrogen fuel cell is the bipolar plate. Shandong Jindi Company takes advantage of the stamping advantages of the company to independently develop the stamped bipolar plate for hydrogen fuel cell.

The bipolar plate, also known as the collector plate, is one of the important components of the fuel cell. The bipolar plate materials can be roughly divided into three categories: carbonaceous materials, metal materials, and composite materials of metal and carbon. The plates are mostly processed from metal materials such as aluminum, nickel, titanium and stainless steel. The metal bipolar plate usually needs to be pressed with a pressing device during processing. The metal bipolar plate pressing device in the prior art is used when it is used. It is not convenient enough and has a low service life.

5. Economic benefits: The fuel cell is pollution-free, which is the future development direction of the industry; the metal bipolar plates produced by our company have huge economic benefits and development prospects.

Metal bipolar plate
Helium Energy Bipolar Plate
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