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The company has established a national and local joint engineering research center, Shandong provincial enterprise technology center, Shandong engineering laboratory and other technology research and development innovation platforms. It is a collection of bearing retainer design, testing, testing, analysis, and research. Large-scale bearing retainer engineering research center with strong technology transformation mechanism and technological innovation ability. The center established a technical committee and an expert committee, and formulated rules and regulations such as the "Science and Technology Progress and Innovation Achievement Award Measures." The technical center has undertaken the research and development of precision automobile needle roller bearing retainers and other technological innovation projects in Shandong Province. The research and development and innovation of the second-generation wheel bearing retainer for heavy-duty trucks has won the Shandong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, a high-speed silent The precision bearing retainer and its production process "won the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Wind Turbine Pitch Bearing Retainer" won the Shandong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award. The developed precision large tapered roller bearing retainer and other products have reached "International advanced" level. For many years, the technology center has always taken the design and development, theoretical research, material research, and testing of high-end precision bearing retainers as its main research directions, with the main goal of improving product accuracy, performance, life, and reliability. Always committed to the development of high-precision, high-speed, low-vibration, low-friction, low-torque, high-reliability and long-life series of high-end bearing retainer products.

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