Enterprise goal: to create a sustainable and innovative enterprise


Corporate Strategy: Innovation Driven


Enterprise policy: technological innovation, management innovation


Values: customer first, employee first


Business philosophy: small products benefit the big world


Quality concept: keep improving, exceed expectations


Cooperation concept: honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and win-win


Family view: Respect and love each other, encourage and advance together. We are a family


Entrepreneurship: Rejuvenate the country by industry and repay the society


Enterprise purpose: The company and employees grow together. The long-term development of the company will gradually improve the living standards of employees.


Employee Behavior: Respect, Honest, Trustworthy, Self-discipline, Learning, Responsibility, Mutual Assistance Attitude


The spirit of hard struggle: create conditions without conditions


The spirit of bold innovation: use innovation to solve all problems encountered


The spirit of customer supremacy: continuous improvement of customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit


The spirit of quality first: beyond expectations, impeccable


The spirit of daring to assume: admit your mistakes, know your mistakes, correct your mistakes


Dedication spirit: come early and leave late, take the factory as home


The spirit of collective honor and disgrace: collective interests are above all else

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